Museum of
Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia is the leading museum dedicated to exhibiting, collecting and interpreting the work of today's artists.

While working at Pollen, we pitched and won the opportunity to redesign the MCA online experience from the ground up.

At that time, the MCA website is home to more than 400 digitised works from over 300 artists. This home needed a brand new experience, a reimagined look and flexibility to grow for the future.

The UX team at Pollen went through in-depth research, interviews and workshops with the MCA stakeholders to uncover valuable insights that would pave the road ahead.

Through frequent consultation with the internal design team and external development partners, we were able to rapidly validate ideas, using interactive prototypes to ensure we stayed true to the vision and the MCA brand.

Apple used the website on their Youtube video, you can see it used multiple times from 0:50 to 1:15.

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